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WHERE DO YOU TURN ?............WHO DO YOU TRUST?      

There are thousands of people who are searching for answers ,but just don't know “where to turn or who to trust for help." So the big question is “Who do YOU believe?” 

Truth: No one wants to undergo spinal surgery unnecessarily. You also know that covering up the pain with pills or injections is not addressing the cause of the pain.   Medications can become additive, physical therapy can be stressful and painful. Add to this the uncertainty that pain injections may not be enough to handle your pain.   Lost time, over which your condition may worsen and continue to degenerate causing even more pain adding delays that may lead to surgery.  Pain management is good for the right candidate.  But is that you?  You may be wasting time and money, only to find out that all your resources have led to only months of frustration, pain and only temporary relief of your symptoms.

Suffering with bulging and or herniated disc, sciatica, numbness and tingling of your hands or feet, stenosis, facet arthrosis, traumatic injury or any other chronic condition, may lead to a life of pain and misery.

At the Spine and Joint Institute our medical team understands the hardship of pain and frustration suffered by you and those like you.  At our clinics we use L.A.S.R. TherapyTM protocols to address the degenerative joint problems that effect millions of Americans.  We know that PAIN IS NOT A WAY OF LIFE, PAIN IS IN THE WAY OF LIFE.

If you have been told that you should learn to live with your pain, you owe it to yourself to call our office right now 702-568-8450 and schedule an evaluation to see if you are the right candidate for this revolutionary 21st century care.

After you have exhausted your pain management options you still have TWO more options to explore:

Option 1.  SPINAL SURGERY- invasive spinal intervention should never be taken lightly and should only be considered after an in depth evaluation with your doctor.  Surgery should be the last resort only after every conservative measure has been exhausted to avoid surgery.   Surgery, no matter how minimal, may be accompanied with some complications, some of which may be increased pain, loss of work, risk of infection and possible failed back surgery syndrome.

Option 2,  L.A.S.R. TherapyTM, L.A.S.R. stands for Laser Assisted Spinal Re-hydration.  Our medical team at the Spine and Joint Institute use L.A.S.R. TherapyTM protocol to re-hydrate the disc by using a gentle oscillatory technique that causes an interdiscal vacuum.  As a result of the this vacuum the fluid surrounding the disc is drawn into the disc.   This expands the disc, like you would inflate a flat tire, thereby taking the pressure off of the pinched nerve(s).  

After the fluid is drawn into the disc, the healing process of the damaged or injured tissue, is mediated through the use of the Class IV laser.  The coherent light of the laser surrounds the damaged tissue with healing light, causing the injured area to heal faster than normal.  Laser mediated re-hydration is considered by our patients as the "key" or "miracle" of what we do in our office.

This is your OTHER option: A revolutionary procedure and protocol that is changing people's lives without drugs or surgery.

What can L.A.S.R. TherapyTM do for you ?

Here are some of the benefits that you may experience from our L.A.S.R. TherapyTM program:

 1.  Reduction or elimination of your symptom(s)       

 2.  Improved mobility                                            

 3.  Better sleep. 

 4.  Ability to stand longer                                        

 5.  Shopping without having to lean on the cart  

 6.  Ability to sit longer                                                                                

 7.  Cooking again in the kitchen                              

 8.  Reduction or elimination of the additive drugs in your life        

 9.  Less appointments to doctors offices                

10.  Willingness to travel again, see the grand children, family and why not the world 

BUT, the most valuable benefit you may experience, is the return of your Quality of Life.  Consequently, no longer will you have to plan your day around your pain.  

Call the Spine and Joint Institute at (702)-568-8450 or Email your contact information. The staff will schedule you in for an Evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for this Revolutionary procedure.  



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